Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Preppy Pink China Glaze

I decided to make this post in english) It's not my native language so I want to apologise for mistakes before I write it)))

I want to show you one of the glitter line of China Glaze Preppy Pink #795 (80388). In russian we call them chainik - pronounce in russian like chainik means kettle) never mind...
This polish is iridescence pink with medium size glitter. Light candy pink is just too cute. It's very easy to apply, dry fast. Glitter is very fun, all colors are like rainbow, pink, yellow, green, light blue, purple, orange. And you'll get a lot of it even when you apply first coat. So I decided two will be enough for me. You can see it static on my pics, but this shine really dance on my nails in real life and you can't see how many coats you have.

This CG is some kind of Opi suede for me - apply easy and fast, good choice when you don't have time to make manicure, but it lasts a week!
Big minus is it's really hard to take it off, three pads for each nail vs one or two for all usually. It's a huge disappointment( But I'm gonna try again maybe with another base or like top coat.

in haul
Hope you enjoy*


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